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Tzatziki, a Most Versatile Sauce

I love tzatziki. So does Hunter. Chris, not so much (not being a fan of cucumbers.) I love dipping pita chips in it, but I also love it slathered on top of falafel, and as a dipping sauce for samosas. I know, this is probably sacrilegious to some people – mixing a Greek sauce with Read the full article…

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Slow-roasted Tomatos as a Measure of Productivity

Weekends around here are normally about catching up on neglected chores, with one family outing usually thrown in somewhere. Today was no different. Chris mowed the lawn, Hunter washed Daddy’s car, and I used some left over deer fencing to create an “invisible climbing structure” for some morning glories that I plan to train up Read the full article…


Distracted by Granola

I really did want to write a genuine post this evening, about either bee stings (Chris got his first sting on Monday) or soap (I need to make more, after taking an almost 6 month hiatus.) But I’m tired, and just finished replenishing my granola supply, and the smell is terribly distracting. So, tonight, I Read the full article…

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