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Cheese Unveiling

This past Sunday, we finally cut into Chris’ farmhouse cheddar. It had been aging for 30 days at room temperature, on top of the refrigerator. There was a lot of anticipation as the unveiling day drew near: would it be moldy? poisonous? edible? Chris offered to sample it first (how chivalrous! I have a personalĀ praegustator!) Read the full article…

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Farmhouse Cheddar

Today’s post is written by Chris. I asked him if he could guest write for the blog and tell us about his latest cheese making adventure… Many years ago, before kids and yards and the many chores of suburban life, Hillary and I decided to try making mozzarella cheese at home. It was pretty easy Read the full article…

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Flower Moon

When I was driving home from a quick trip to the grocery store tonight, I caught a glimpse of the moon as it was rising up from behind the trees. Tonight is the Flower Moon. What a sight! I already that knew tonight was a full-moon, and that it was supposed to be a “super Read the full article…