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Getting Organized

I’m not sure what it is about September that makes me want to get organized. Maybe it’s from years and years of back-to-school rituals: cleaning out closets, covering books with brown paper grocery bags, purchasing a new backpack and a Trapper Keeper. Maybe it’s just the change of seasons. Or, maybe we are like the Read the full article…


Love Me Some Lists

In lieu of an actual blog post/rant/recipe/essay/etc, I will instead list some things that have interested me lately around the interwebs. I hope you like lists as much as I do! Cob Houses and Cob Hot Tubs While the kids were napping this week I stumbled upon an interview with Becky Bee talking about the Read the full article…


Slow-roasted Tomatos as a Measure of Productivity

Weekends around here are normally about catching up on neglected chores, with one family outing usually thrown in somewhere. Today was no different. Chris mowed the lawn, Hunter washed Daddy’s car, and I used some left over deer fencing to create an “invisible climbing structure” for some morning glories that I plan to train up Read the full article…


Hook & Loop to the Rescue

Tidy edges!

This weekend we started erecting the fencing around our two raised bed gardens. When trying to decide what type of fencing to put up, I knew I definitely wanted something flexible and removable, and something tall enough to keep out deer (our primary marauder.) One of the reasons I wanted raised bed gardens is that Read the full article…


Seed Germination Status

Here it is, my first post on my recently revived blog. After being in hibernation for years, I suppose I could wax on poetically about WHY I’ve decided to start blogging again. Or what I plan on blogging about. But instead I thought I’d dive right in and start talking about what’s front and center Read the full article…