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Love Me Some Lists

In lieu of an actual blog post/rant/recipe/essay/etc, I will instead list some things that have interested me lately around the interwebs. I hope you like lists as much as I do! Cob Houses and Cob Hot Tubs While the kids were napping this week I stumbled upon an interview with Becky Bee talking about the Read the full article…


A Who’s Who List of Toiletry Ingredients

After yesterday’s post on chemicals, Mira posed a question in the comments: “Are there chemicals/soap ingredients you so avoid? Which ones and why?” Great question. I was going to simply reply to her comment, but then I realized that the list and accompanying explanations are worth publishing as their own blog entry. Also, there are Read the full article…


Better Living Through Chemistry

This past week, Chris has been on a “stay-cation” from work. We’ve gotten a lot done around the house. Two projects we will probably post about soon once they are fully complete: making Farmhouse Cheddar and clearing the creeping juniper off our slope. But today, I want to get up on my soapbox (pun intended!) Read the full article…


Laundry Day… Is Everyday?

The thing about having kids is they generate a lot of dirty clothes. When it was just Chris and I, we would do maybe two loads of laundry each week. Now, I feel like I could do a load of laundry every single day, sometimes two. And that’s not even counting the cloth diapers! We Read the full article…

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