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Comfort Food & Uncomfortable Thoughts

Last night Chris went out to the movies with a friend, and I stayed home (the movie did not interest me) and cooked one of my favorite comfort foods: Chard and White Bean Stew courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. I urge you, even if the thought of beans or leafy greens disgusts you, plan to make Read the full article…


Woolly Adelgid

Summer is officially in high gear. Hunter has been out of preschool for a month and we’re busy busy busy. Today we enjoyed our first ears of Massachusetts corn on the cob with dinner, and I enjoyed one of my favorite drinks to beat the heat: lemonade with sweet mint leaves. Things couldn’t be better, Read the full article…


My Facebook Vacation

For the last week, I haven’t been on Facebook. My self-inflicted exile from the parallel universe of social media has allowed me to reclaim countless hours in my day, reconnect with my children, and save the battery on my iPhone from discharging at a rapid pace. But it has also inspired me to perhaps give Read the full article…


Cheese Unveiling

This past Sunday, we finally cut into Chris’ farmhouse cheddar. It had been aging for 30 days at room temperature, on top of the refrigerator. There was a lot of anticipation as the unveiling day drew near: would it be moldy? poisonous? edible? Chris offered to sample it first (how chivalrous! I have a personalĀ praegustator!) Read the full article…

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