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Tzatziki, a Most Versatile Sauce

I love tzatziki. So does Hunter. Chris, not so much (not being a fan of cucumbers.) I love dipping pita chips in it, but I also love it slathered on top of falafel, and as a dipping sauce for samosas. I know, this is probably sacrilegious to some people – mixing a Greek sauce with Read the full article…

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Injured by Hubris

I was going to write a post about Tzatziki, but as I looked at myself lying here on the couch while Chris makes a simple (but delicious!) dinner of chicken & brown rice, I thought perhaps I ought to write about my current condition instead. Why am I laid up with my feet elevated, you Read the full article…


In Memory of Martini Mondays

Before we had children, Chris and I would often “celebrate” Mondays by having martinis after we got home from work. Chris used to have one made with orange juice and zest, and I made one with plum wine and ginger syrup. We weren’t huge drinkers then, so I’m not sure we ever finished our cocktails. Read the full article…

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Farmhouse Cheddar

Today’s post is written by Chris. I asked him if he could guest write for the blog and tell us about his latest cheese making adventure… Many years ago, before kids and yards and the many chores of suburban life, Hillary and I decided to try making mozzarella cheese at home. It was pretty easy Read the full article…

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