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Ricotta Win

Yesterday, I posted about my raw milk yogurt failure. Today, I decided to try and salvage something from those little jars and make homemade ricotta. For those of you who haven’t made ricotta before, you basically scald the milk (bring it to just under boiling) with the addition of an acid (lemon juice, citric acid, Read the full article…

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Yogurt Fail

Every week I make two loaves of bread and seven cups of yogurt so that we don’t have to buy these items from the store. At first it was hard to schedule, but now it is a rhythm that I have internalized, and the ritual is part of my weekly routine. Today I decided to Read the full article…


Laundry Day… Is Everyday?

The thing about having kids is they generate a lot of dirty clothes. When it was just Chris and I, we would do maybe two loads of laundry each week. Now, I feel like I could do a load of laundry every single day, sometimes two. And that’s not even counting the cloth diapers! We Read the full article…

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Why Honeybees?

Today’s post is written by Chris. I asked him if he could guest write for the blog and tell us about our honeybees… Why am I keeping honeybees? I’ve been asked that a lot over the last couple of months and the short answer is… well, there isn’t really a short answer. The shortest I Read the full article…

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Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien

People are afraid of a lot of things. I just talked in San Fancisco in a bookstore, and this woman said, “I have a pear tree in my yard, but I’m afraid to eat the pears.” And I was like, “Well, why?” [To myself] I was thinking, “My God! A pear tree! I would die Read the full article…

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